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15 cars you can drive for 15 years

From a personal finance point of view, buying a car and driving it for as long as you can is the most economical thing to do. Some extreme buy-and-hold motorists now keep their cars running for 15 years or more. "While a decade on the road...

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Top five SUVs for less than £250 per month

It’s a fact – we love SUVs. The number on UK roads increases 20% every year, so if you’re considering one as your next car you aren’t alone. With the popularity of our other price-busting listicles and the exploding interest in SUVs, we’ve combined...

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All you want from an SUV, times 10

CONTINUING a theme I have touched on recently about the re-emergence of medium to large SUVs as a viable vehicle for modern, 21st century driving, this week I have been at the wheel of the all-new Mazda CX-5. And I have...