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Fiat car

It's a nice with fuel efficiency 5.8L per 100km. Very good condition and low kms for the price. I am selling car because I need to buy a family car. It is exceptional value at $ 4,900.This fiat Punto hatch has 6 airbags.This car...

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First Drive: Mopar 2017 Dodge Challenger

The Mopar 2017 Dodge Challenger was dropped off at noon, and it sparkled in my driveway as if the ripe blue beneath the character line was flecked with asteroid dust. But the glaring rays robbed the black roof and hood of their sheen. It would have b...

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Driverless buses get 2022 target

Driverless buses are due to be used in “quiet” Singaporean streets from 2022, the Lion City’s transport minister has announced. The government also unveiled plans for the public to hail self-driving shuttles using a smartphone.Driv...

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Buying Used: 2009-17 Volkswagen Tiguan

THE PROS & CONS What’s Best: Robust construction, talented chassis, not the usual Asian fare What’s Worst: Small cargo space, lack of high-tech gear, timing-chain woes Typical Used Prices: 2009 – $10,500; 2016 – $22,000 Automotive hi...

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Fiat to recall 1200 Jeep Compass SUVs

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