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This is the world's most expensive SUV

Sometime, in the near future, Rolls-Royce will unveil the Cullinan. It’ll be RR’s first modern ‘high-sided car’ (that’s SUV to us normal folk) and is set to be the most opulent and expensive 4x4 on the planet.  Except it isn’t. Because this is. It is...

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Autonomous ships can follow Colregs

Atlas Elektronik’s unmanned surface vessel, Arcims, was used for sea trials with the collision avoidance systemA £1.3M (US$1.85M) research project has demonstrated that autonomous vessels would comply with the current IMO collision avoidance Colregs...

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'We speak of chains and sneakers'

MOSCOW — On the eve of Russia’s presidential election, thousands of Muscovites are gyrating in a packed concert hall; hands raised high, heads nodding to the beat. They’ve come to see hip-hop quartet Kasta, who’ve hit the stage with an exp...